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Refugee Resettlement

As an RPCV, you know something of what refugees are up against, having had to adapt to a new culture and be resourceful in your Peace Corps assignment. Translate that experience into helping ease refugees’ transition to the U.S.! Even during the current resettlement slowdown, there are many ways you can help:

(1) Volunteer to aid an arriving refugee family – or refugees who have been here for awhile but continue to need help. Contact one of the State Department-sponsored agencies listed on our Refugee Resettlement page. They have agreed to accept RPCV volunteers even as they struggle to maintain services in the face of an uncertain policy climate.

(2) Put your RPCV resourcefulness to work finding local nonprofits, places of worship and community organizations working with refugees. Learn what’s going on with refugees in your own area, and get involved. Be a Peace Corps volunteer in your own community!

(3) Contact other National Peace Corps Association affiliates actively engaged in refugee resettlement. See NPCA’s website:

(4) Donate to an organization listed on our Refugee Organizations page


Another great way you can help refugees in the U.S. is by advocating for them at the national, state and local levels. Build relationships with your elected officials. Let policymakers know you care about refugees. Remind them that refugees live, work and contribute to their communities, become U.S. citizens, and vote.

Help counteract a growing opposition to immigrants, especially Muslims. Oppose attempts at all levels of government to damage the refugee resettlement program.

Check out our Advocacy page for guidance in how to advocate effectively.  

Stay up to date on refugee developments by visiting our News pages 

See our Learn More to become well-grounded in the issues.

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Overseas Action

Follow our announcements about developments on our next goal:  collaborating with organizations helping refugees internationally. To learn about emerging opportunities for RPCVs to provide direct aid to refugees in other countries, visit our  Overseas Action page.

Dive in and make a huge difference in the life of a refugee!